How Do You Use Sumo Paint?


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Sumo Paint is image-editing software that computer users can work with to create and edit graphics by selecting a tool and then drawing a shape or editing a photo. The tools let users create shapes such as rectangles, circles and polygons, change the color of lines and enclosed areas, and apply effects such as blurs and tints to photos.

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To draw a line, users select the Ink, Brush or Pencil tool, choose options such as the shape of the brush tip or the style of the line and then drag the drawing pointer to create a line. To create a shape, users select a shape tool such as the Rounded Rectangle, Bulky Star or a custom shape, apply options such as fill color and pattern, outline thickness or the number of sides, and then drag the pointer to create the shape.

To edit photos, users can open a photo stored on a computer or website, use a selection tool to select all or part of the photo, and then select options from the menus to adjust brightness and contrast, balance colors, blur images, or create a three-dimensional effect.

As she is working on an illustration or photo, the user can save the image on a computer or send it as an attachment to an email message.

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