How Do You Use a Divining Rod?

How Do You Use a Divining Rod?

Divining rods are used in dowsing, which is an ancient method for finding water or other buried or missing things. Use a divining rod, or forked stick, by holding it tightly in your hands and thinking about the thing you want to find. Walk until the divining rod reacts.

  1. Select a divining rod

    Divining rods are usually sturdy, forked sticks. Hazel, peach, cherry, hickory and dogwood are often used. Some dowsers prefer vines or metal rods.

  2. Hold the rod securely

    Firmly grip the rod by the two forked parts. Let the place where the fork comes together face forward. Choose a comfortable position with the rod parallel to the ground.

  3. Focus on your intentions

    Focus on water or whatever you hope for the rod to find. Mentally push your intentions into the divining rod while asking for its help. Hold your focus during the whole dowsing procedure.

  4. Walk

    Walk in the area you are exploring. Keep the rod parallel to the ground. Cover the ground in a pattern, or move more randomly. Let your instincts guide your movements.

  5. Pay close attention to the divining rod

    Focus on the divining rod as you walk. Feel for any movements. If the rod pulls you in a direction, follow its lead.

  6. Stop when the rod drops

    When the rod reacts by forcefully pointing toward the ground, stop and look for the substance for which you are dowsing. If you are unsuccessful, try again.