How Do You Use the DIRECTV Guide?


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To use the DIRECTV guide, push the Guide button on the television's remote control and browse through channels by scrolling with the arrow keys or entering a channel number. The DIRECTV guide displays each channel's programming for at least the next 36 hours. By default, it displays programming for all the channels offered by DIRECTV, although the user can change this.

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To change the channels the guide displays, push the Guide button, and push the yellow button on the remote when the guide appears. Scroll to Change Favorites List, and push the Select button. Select Setup Custom 1 to set up a custom list. You're able to set up a maximum of two custom lists.

Select the Add Channels I Get option. After selecting it, press the left arrow key twice. A message asks if you want to change your current favorites list to your newly created custom list. Push Select on the Yes, Change Current option to change your default guide channels to those included on your list.

Guide features vary based on the type of service to which you subscribe. With some types of service, you're able to set favorite shows and view which of your favorites are currently airing through the guide. DIRECTV also offers an online guide through DIRECTV.com, as of 2015.

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