How Do You Use Copperknob Line Dancing Step Sheets?


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You use Copperknob's line dancing step sheets by selecting the appropriate choreographer, music or dance title and following the step-by-step line dancing instructions provided. Instructions include numbered steps, descriptions of each dance move and timing descriptors.

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You search for step sheets using the Copperknob search engine. Search options include the dance's keyword, count number, skill level, number of walls of language. Additionally, you can search for specific choreographers by selecting the appropriate link located at the top of the step sheet's main search page. Copperknob lists dance step sheets from choreographers from various areas of the world, including Adeline Cheng, Aiden Fryer, Eddy Laguche, Jean Welser and Kelli Haugen, among others.

Each line dancing step sheet includes the music title, choreographer's name, posting date, skill level and count number. Step sheets also include line dancing-specific language such as the terms "grapevine," "jazz box cross" and "kick ball change." Step sheets are available in English, French, German, Spanish or Dutch.

In addition to line dancing step sheets, Copperknob provides links for line dancing magazines and entertainment organizations, articles about the company and a gallery of archived line dancing photos. The company also provides several video line dancing tutorials, as well as a social search engine where you can find line dancing events in your area.

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