How Do You Use a Baby Sign Language Book?

How Do You Use a Baby Sign Language Book?

A baby sign language book is designed to teach deaf children as well as babies who can hear early communication skills. Baby sign language books typically include around 200 signs and related photos. Parents can teach hearing infants sign language to enable children to express themselves before they learn to talk.

Research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health revealed babies who can hear and sign have bigger vocabularies, develop stronger bonds with their parents, and experience fewer frustrations and crying incidents. Signing correlates with children developing more of an interest in books and higher IQs, adds the NIH.

Parents who teach signing to their infants should begin by repeating a few basic signs over and over again. Once an infant learns and understands the symbols, parents can proceed from there. Frequently used words are the best signs to start with.

Signs that reference important people in a baby's early development may encourage signing and communication. In American Sign Language, female names are generally displayed below the nose, while male names are generally displayed above the nose.

Two common words are very easy to sign: "Mommy" in sign language is communicated by tapping the thumb on the chin, while "daddy" is relayed by tapping the thumb on the forehead.