How Do You Use an Antenna to Pick up Live TV?


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To use an antenna to pick up live television, place the antenna in an unobstructed location, connect it to the "ANT IN" jack on the TV using a coaxial cable, use the channel scanning function to scan for available channels, and then select the channel you wish to view using a remote control. Before mounting the antenna, try it in a few different locations to get the strongest signal and maximum number of stations possible.

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In a large metropolitan area, an indoor digital television antenna typically receives the local stations for all the major networks. Indoor antennas are available in a number of styles, including tabletop rabbit ears, amplified models and thin panel style. In rural areas, an outdoor antenna may be a better choice. Outdoor antennas are typically mounted on the roof of a house or placed in the attic. To view all over-the-air signals, an antenna should receive both VHF signals for stations two through 13 and UHF signals for stations 14 through 51.

Adjusting the location and orientation of the antenna, even by a few inches, can greatly affect reception. Try a few different positions, making sure to rescan for new channels each time. Choose the placement that receives the maximum number of channels with the steadiest signal.

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