How Do You Use Free Ambigram Creators?


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Although instructions vary for free ambigram generators, the free FlipScript generator tool requires the user to enter two words into the text boxes provided, choose a font and then click Make Previews to see different ambigrams generated by the tool. Ambigrams combine two words to make one design viewed from different directions and that looks the same when turned upside-down.

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To use FlipScript’s ambigram generator, navigate to the tool, click on Create New Design, agree to the terms of service, and enter your desired words into the Upright and Inverse boxes. Choose from the FyreWater or WyndeStorm fonts by clicking your selection, and tick the box to add thorns if desired. Click on Make Previews to see designs generated using your selections.

From the design window, use the arrow to browse the generated designs. When you find a design you like, click the Select and Continue button to choose that design. The site offers a paid printout of the design if desired.

FontMeme also offers an online ambigram generator. To use the tool, select a font from the options provided, enter your chosen text, choose a text size and color, and click Generate to see the ambigram design rendered by the program.

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