How Do You Upload a File to SoundCloud?

How Do You Upload a File to SoundCloud? allows you to upload a file by clicking the Upload button on the top of the webpage. Either upload a file saved to your computer, or record a sound with the record button. The website allows you to upload files by dragging and dropping a file into the webpage, and you can upload multiple files at once by using a playlist format.

Uploads begin transcoding after being submitted. During this time, you can enter basic information about your file. SoundCloud provides an option to automatically share your file with others on social media accounts. These accounts can be linked by clicking on the Connections link under the Settings option. Once you're ready to submit your file, you can click on Save to have the file appear on your profile page.

During the uploading process, users can set certain permissions to a file. Users can choose whether files are downloadable or playable outside of the website. Users with Pro or Pro Unlimited plans can also enable Quiet Mode to control stats and comment display options. Only SoundCloud members can upload audio files onto the website. As of 2015 SoundCloud supports a variety of audio file types, such as FLAC and MP3 files.