What Are Some Unique Floor Plan Styles for a House?

Examples of unique floor plan styles for a house include lighthouse shapes, modern sculpture and castle-like plans. Elements that are incorporated into unique floor plans include futuristic details, unusual shapes and amenities that are tailored to suit the homeowner's hobbies.

Floor plans for houses that are designed in a lighthouse style include unique lookout towers. This type of floor plan is well-suited for small lots and home owners who like a good view.

Modern sculpture-inspired floor plans often include geometric designs and ecological elements. A boat-shaped house is an iconic example of this style floor plan. The plan is accommodating for sunny areas that are near bodies of water.

Elements of a castle-like floor plans include large living areas, wood burning fireplaces and rooftop living spaces. Lookout towers are another fun and unique feature of this type of floor plan.

Additional unique floor plan styles include round homes, lake houses with built-in boat access and a home that incorporates a bridge into the entryway. Floor plans for round houses may include windows all around the home for a 360-degree view. Houses with boat access allow home owners to row or sail away from the porch and may be built right out of the water.