Who Are the UK Page 3 Girls?

Who Are the UK Page 3 Girls?

The Page 3 girls were women who appeared topless on the third page of the British tabloid "The Sun." Famous Page 3 girls include Samantha Fox, Linda Lusardi, Katie Price, Melinda Messenger and Kathy Lloyd.

Samantha Fox first appeared on Page 3 in 1983 at the age of 16 and was a regular in the newspaper for three years. She used her notoriety to launch a music career, which culminated in "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)," a number one hit in several countries, including the United Kingdom.

Linda Lusardi appeared on Page 3 for the first time in 1976. Readers of "The Sun" voted for Lusardi as the most popular Page 3 girl of all time. She has since appeared on several British soap operas, including "Emmerdale" and "Brookside."

Katie Price appeared on Page 3 in 1996 under the pseudonym Jordan. Once Price left Page 3, she continued her modeling career with Playboy and Maxim. She has also appeared in several British reality shows, published several autobiographies and launched an equestrian clothing line. Price's post-Page 3 career has been likened to American reality star Kim Kardashian.

Melinda Messenger was a Page 3 girl in the late 1990s. She later became a host for several British game shows and morning shows. Kathy Lloyd first appeared on Page 3 in 1986 and was a regular in the newspaper for almost a decade. She later modeled for other publications, along with making appearances in music videos and game shows in the 1990s.