What Typically Happens on the Last Episode of "Survivor"?


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On the last episode of each "Survivor" season, there is typically a final tribal council, in which jury members question the finalists about how they played the game, and finalists explain why they should win. Jury members then casts their votes, and the host announces the winner on live television.

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The season finale of "Survivor" is usually a two-hour special episode. The first hour typically includes a final immunity challenge and a tribal council, through which one more person gets eliminated, leaving the final two or three contestants. Usually, the final contestants celebrate and prepare for the final tribal council. At this final tribal council, members of the jury, comprised of the last seven to nine eliminated players, question the finalists about how they played the game. The finalists make opening and closing statements, and try to answer the questions in a favorable manner to win votes.

Finally, each jury member votes for who they believe deserves to win the title of "Sole Survivor." The host concludes the season and walks off with the voting urn. The second hour of the finale starts with the host walking onto a live studio set, designed to look like the tropical setting where the season was filmed. The live show occurs several months after the season ends, so the finalists and jury members are dressed up. The host reads the votes and announces who the winner of the season is. Afterwards, the host and the cast look back and comment on the season.

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