What Are Some Typical Miracles by T.B. Joshua?

The typical miracles that T.B. Joshua of Synagogue Church of all Nations purports to perform include healing diseases, such as acute diabetes, breast cancer, dumbness and deafness, and providing solutions to all manner of problems. However, as of 2015, T.B. Joshua’s healing miracles have drawn criticism from many around the world, according to Punch. His critics include former members of his church and pilgrims from other countries.

Mr. Michael French from Cameroon claims that a visit to the Synagogue Church of All Nations to visit T.B Joshua in the hope of receiving miraculous healing from acute diabetes was in vain. After spending all the money he had, Mr. French went back to Cameroon without receiving his miracle, as stated by Vanguard News. After spending a lot of money on accommodation waiting for their miracles, many other pilgrims still go back without the expected miracles.

In another incidence, a 37-year-old mother, Awele, from Lagos visited T.B. Joshua with the hope of receiving breast cancer healing. After spending days in her guest room waiting for her chance to see T.B. Joshua, Awele never received her miracle, and eventually died at a Lagos Hospital. After the accident that left about 115 dead in one of his buildings in 2014, T.B. Joshua has been constantly coming out to condemn his critics.