What Are Some Typical Duties of a Graphic Designer?


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The main task of a graphic designer is to design and create visual art, especially in the capacity of marketing or promotional materials. Graphic designers typically meet with clients or potential clients to assess their graphics needs and plan projects accordingly.

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What Are Some Typical Duties of a Graphic Designer?
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Daily tasks of a graphic designer depend on the project on which the designer is working. A typical work process includes meeting with a supervisor or client to discover the scope of the project and learn what message is to be conveyed. The graphic designer takes this information and brainstorms the best way to complete the project. Through this brainstorming session, the designer decides on an initial layout and color scheme for the project.

Most graphic designers now complete their work using a computer, but many still sketch their initial designs on paper. When the designer has completed the initial mock-up, he sends the draft for approval. Upon approval, the designer makes a final draft of the graphic for submission.

The actual graphics produced by a graphic designer may vary according to the needs of the client or the focus of the individual designer. Some designers choose to freelance and work directly with clients, while other graphic designers choose to join a marketing agency or private company. Designers may also choose to focus on one type of graphic over another, such as logo design, Web page graphics, or designs for magazine layouts.

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