What Types of TV Channels Do You Get for Free?

What Types of TV Channels Do You Get for Free?

Broadcast channels are freely available to anyone with a digital receiver. Channel availability can vary between areas, but the biggest networks such as Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC are available in most of the United States.

As of 2015, the five largest commercial broadcast networks in the United States are ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and The CW. These networks are available in most populated areas through local affiliates.

PBS is also widely available. A handful of other educational networks that are similar to PBS are more sporadically available throughout the country. Some of the larger examples of these networks are Create, World, V-Me, MHz WorldView and NHK News.

Spanish-language broadcast networks are also becoming increasingly available throughout the country. The largest networks are UniMas, Univision, MundoFox and Telemundo.

Channels that exclusively show syndicated shows or older movies are also very common. Some widely available channels that focus on classic television shows are RetroTV, Me-TV and Decades. Major syndicated channels include MyNetworkTV, This TV and Ion Television. Some of these channels have particular themes, such as Grit, which focuses on action and Westerns, and Bounce TV, which is targeted toward African-Americans.

There are also a number of religious broadcast channels. These tend to be more regional, but some of the larger networks are Daystar, Enlace and TBN.