What Types of Sports Are Available for Viewing on SportLemon TV?

Types of sports available for viewing on SportLemon TV as of 2015 include U.S. football, hockey, tennis, baseball, basketball and boxing. The full list of sports aired via SportLemon TV is available on the home page of SportLemon.org.

To watch a particular sport on SportLemon TV online, visit SportLemon.org and select the sport from the home page of the website. Scroll to the bottom of the new page, and click on the provided links for that particular type of sport. For example, to watch tennis on SportLemon TV online, click on the Tennis button on the home page, then select the desired event.

At the bottom of the page, click on the links provided under Tennis Streams On SportLemon; however, since the links are free, some may take too long to load. If the selected link is unresponsive, select the next link from the provided list. The link redirects to a new live stream page for the selected type of sport. Click on the advertisement on the screen to enable the live stream feature.

The live stream videos on SportLemon TV derive from a third-party server. The website claims to provide free and legal content outsourced from different sources across the Internet.