What Types of Real Live Cam Feeds Are Available Online?

Space cams, city cams and nature cams are some types of live feeds available online. Most of the feeds are on around the clock but may be turned off during maintenance periods.

NASA offers live-streaming views of Earth from space captured by four high-definition video cameras installed on the exterior of the International Space Station. The live feeds are a result of the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment designed to test how cameras perform in outer space.

New York City, Tokyo and Amsterdam are among the cities offering live feeds. The New York City cams include feeds of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Live nature cams include feeds from Katmai National Park, Alaska, and the Elephant Cam in Bali. The Katmai cam allows viewers to observe wild animals such as grizzly bears in their natural habitat. The elephant cam observes a safari park in Bali.