What Types of Programs Are Offered by Mega TV in Miami?

What Types of Programs Are Offered by Mega TV in Miami?

Mega TV in Miami offers Spanish language programming including news, soap operas, talk shows, music and children's shows. It is often centered around Cuban and Cuban-American news and entertainment as well as events and characters specific to Miami.

Mega TV for Miami-Ft. Lauderdale is ranked third in the Hispanic market. The station call letters are WSBS. Original programming includes popular shows like "Mega Kids," "Paparazzi TV," "Latin Angels," "El Arañazo" and "Señora del Destino."

The show "Ahora con Oscar Haza" is a news and current events commentary show hosted by the award winning journalist Oscar Haza and has won two daytime Emmy Awards.

"Descarao Por La Noche" is a late night TV show hosted by the comedian Rocky the Kid in Puerto Rico. It is similar to "The Tonight Show" where celebrities are interviewed before a live studio audience.

"Puerta Astral" is hosted by a well-known Hispanic astrologer and archaeologist from Columbia, Mauricio Puerta, who investigates and examines the world of the supernatural and mystical.

Mega TV also offers special ESPN programming like soccer games, big fights, tournaments and athlete profiles as well as classic American daytime TV shows like "The People's Court."

The Mega TV website spotlights music in the Latin American world in addition to celebrity videos, news and gossip.