What Types of Programs Air on the A&E Network?

What Types of Programs Air on the A&E Network?

The daily lineup of the A&E network includes multiple genres of television, such as reality, crime and police dramas, horror and suspense. "Duck Dynasty," "Bates Motel," "Criminal Minds" and "Bad Ink" are some types of programs that air on A&E.

"Duck Dynasty" follows the daily exploits and adventures of the Robertsons, who own a successful duck call and duck hunting supply business that patriarch Phil Robertson established in 1973. It is A&E's highest rated reality show to date, as of 2015.

"Bates Motel" resurrects the characters of Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" by pulling back the curtain on the disturbing formative years of Norman Bates. The chronological events of the series occur after Norman's father dies, and his mother purchases a motel to run.

On the crime drama "Criminal Minds," an elite team of FBI agents grapple with the details of the country's most disturbing cases. The team attempts to intensely profile each case and stop the perpetrator before he strikes again.

"Bad Ink" is a reality television homage to tattoo art. Renowned tattoo artist Dick Vermin and his friend Ruckus cruise the streets of Las Vegas in search of bad tattoos. On each show, a few guests with particularly horrid tattoos receive the benefit of Vermin's expertise, as he transforms the eyesore into a masterpiece.