What Types of Programming Does MBC Drama Offer?

MBC Drama, a free-to-air family entertainment channel, offers programming that includes daily airing of top-rated Egyptian, Syrian, Bedouin, Turkish and Gulf drama series. It provides both first- and exclusive-run series as well as locally produced dramas. Mexican and Indian dramas dubbed into Arabic are also available. The channel offers two additional repeats of shows throughout the day.

MBC Drama, available to millions of Arabic speakers, is one of 18 free-to-air Arab satellite TV channels the Middle East Broadcasting Center provides. Headquartered in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates, the MBC Group offers general family entertainment, sports, movies, news and more. Coinciding with MBC Group's 20th anniversary, MBC Drama launched in 2010. It is one of nine of the MBC Group's channels available in high definition.

MBC.net provides a weekly schedule for all of its channels as well as trailers for select movies. Schedules display show titles, times, summaries, actors and more. An English-language channel guide is available for MBC 2, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC Max and MBC Bollywood. All other MBC channel guides, including MBC Drama, display in Arabic.

MBC+ Drama is a subscription-based channel MBC Group offers in a joint venture with Orbit Showtime Network, a Dubai-based company providing direct-broadcast satellite to North Africa and the Middle East.