What Types of Paintings Does Terry Redlin Paint?

Terry Redlin is known for his oil paintings of wildlife and Americana. His masterful use of earthy colors and his exploration of nostalgic themes led to his becoming one of America's most popular artists.

According to journalist Ellen Tomson, Redlin was almost 40 when he decided to dedicate his life to being a wildlife artist. Initially, he painted scenes of ducks and other wildlife in natural habitat. As his reputation grew, he began adding farmland scenes with buildings and people. This evolved into nostalgic, story-themed paintings of Americana.

His paintings are finely detailed, and he incorporated careful research to ensure the accuracy of subjects. While he used photographs for certain objects, such as a specific tractor or house, he invented the scenes from his imagination.

Among his most famous works is a series of 8 paintings illustrating the patriotic hymn “America the Beautiful.” His popularity resulted in his prints being sold in more than 4,000 galleries across the country. To his many fans and admirers, Redlin is known as “America’s Favorite Artist.”

Over 150 of Terry Redlin’s original oil paintings are on display at the Redlin Art Center in Watertown, South Dakota. His son, Charles Redlin, designed the art gallery and museum in order to preserve and display the painter’s life and artwork.