What Are Some Types of Freestanding Artwork That Can Be Viewed From All Sides?


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Some types of freestanding art work that can be viewed on all sides include static traditional sculptures and varied forms of modern sculpture, some pieces that incorporate motion and others that use technological elements. Before these most recent developments in modern sculpture, the only type of sculpture that met this definition was called sculpture in the round. Contemporary sculpture, however, has become more diverse, and the only remaining aspect common of all sculptures is three-dimensionality.

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This does not mean that traditional sculpture pieces that are free standing and can be viewed from all sides do not remain some of the most powerful examples of the form as quintessential pieces of fine art. Such pieces include work by Donatello, Michelangelo, Henry Moore and Pablo Picasso. New sculptural tools, material and techniques have since led to an expansion of the definition of the form.

Such pieces can also be considered freestanding and can be viewed on all sides, but the variety is much greater. Sometimes the work is not strictly representational as most traditional sculpture is. The abstract nature of much modern sculpture lends itself well to the way the pieces reference empty space with movement at times. The two basic elements of traditional sculpture, mass and space, are not always addressed concretely, but in more figurative forms such as sculptures that use light.

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