What Types of Books Does Loose Id Print?

What Types of Books Does Loose Id Print?

Loose Id prints erotic romance books in different subgenres, including contemporary, historical and multicultural. The company prints around 16 to 24 books per month by different authors worldwide as of 2015.

Loose Id contemporary erotic romances have modern settings and contain stories of heterosexual and bisexual romances. The romance books include “A Delicious Taboo,” which is a story of a bisexual couple exploring heterosexual fantasies, and “A Haught Date,” which is about a pretend relationship that turns into a real romance.

Historical Fiction books and novels include mythical and medieval romance stories such as “Beauty and the Beasts,” which is a passion-filled story of humans and wolves, and “Seducing His Lordship,” a story of a marriage of convenience that turns into a real relationship.

Multicultural romances involve interracial relations celebrating diversity. The books include “Bound by Tradition,” which is about a relationship formed by two individuals from different families, and “Candy Girl,” which is a story of an office relationship between a boss and his employee.

Loose Id also prints special collections books that are by different authors but have stories revolving around similar things, such as “Eostre’s Baskets: A New Dawn” and “Eostre’s Baskets: Covert Delivery.” The books have stories revolving around Easter baskets. The company has e-boxed sets, which are books with similar titles written by one author. They include “Heaven Sent Flings” and “Battered Hearts.”

The company offers books that are free to read on the site and cost less than a dollar to download.