Which Types of Books Are Best Bought Second Hand?

Any books that are not new releases may be purchased used. There is never a reason to purchase a new book, according to the Christian Science Monitor. College textbooks are particularly popular items to purchase second hand due to the expensive nature of textbooks in general, says US News.

Purchasing used textbooks is the simplest and fastest way to save money, according to Forbes. Searching for previously owned books online often yields cheaper results than searching through brick-and-mortar stores. Experts recommend using book ISBN numbers to verify correct editions necessary for class work. Buyers can search through books at websites such as MyNextCollege.com, Amazon.com and book.ly to locate the most competitive prices. Second-hand books may also be shared between students or purchased as eBooks to lower costs.

Used books are affordable, pleasant to read and easy to share, reports The Huffington Post. Margin notes in used books provide character and entertainment, and used books are more portable for readers as they come without the risk of ruining a pricey book during a coffee spill or the loss of a jacket cover. To obtain books for free, readers may download books at Amazon.com and other free eBook websites, or they can visit their local libraries.