What Types of Book Discussion Questions Inspire the Most Debate?


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Good book club questions can focus on favorite and least favorite characters, passages that stood out to readers and what readers learned from the book. These open-ended questions can drive discussions and allow readers to share their experiences of the book.

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A question to spur discussion is “Which character did you particularly admire or dislike?” Discussing opinions on character is simple and usually engaging even for the less literary-minded. It’s important to have readers not just share opinions, but also back them up with evidence from the text. Questions about character motivations can also further the conversation, as can considerations of how characters grow or change over the course of the novel.

Questioning readers about which particular passages stood out is another useful line of discussion. These kinds of questions allow readers to share their feelings about the book, discuss what moved them and mention what was particularly relatable. This is an opportunity for readers to share what aspects of the book they found effective and ineffective.

In a similar vein, questions about what readers learned from a book are also useful to elicit discussion. Again, this gives readers the opportunity to share their experiences of a book and what it meant to them. Different readers are certain to learn different lessons from a book, and this question allows them to share their findings with one another.

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