What Are Some Types of Art Lessons Taught by Deep Space Sparkle?


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Through the platform Deep Space Sparkle, seasoned educator Patty Palmer offers children's art lessons, for grades preschool through six, tied to a wide variety of subjects, including seasons, fairy tales, holidays, American history and animals. Lessons can be sorted by grade level, subject or medium. She also offers instructions to teachers and parents on subjects such as choosing art supplies, art room management and organization, curriculum planning and teaching philosophies.

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In 2014, Deep Space Sparkle was named one of Homeschool.com's Top 100 Educational Websites, and ratings on the lesson plan site Teachers Pay Teachers are positive. In an interview with The Artful Parent blog, Palmer explains that exposing children to art during the formative school years reinforces the belief that art is a necessary component of life in the same way as math, science, music and reading. She states that her philosophy is a mix of teaching art skills and encouraging imagination.

To get an even better understanding of Palmer's approach, users can check blog posts on the home page and in the Resources section of DeepSpaceSparkle.com for teaching tips, recommended pod casts, sketchbook projects and mini exercises on the elements of art. Free lessons are occasionally offered through Deep Space Sparkle's Facebook page or through links on the main website. Once purchased, lessons are delivered via emailed PDF download links, or through the Videos and E-Courses portal.

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