What Type of Vehicles Does Motorweek Review?


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Motorweek reviews motorcycles and new cars, including sedans, trucks and SUVs, for overall performance in the areas of safety, fuel economy, technological features and price. Motorweek is an automotive review magazine, and also airs as a television series on PBS. It compares cars in various classes, suggests top models in each, and gives advice on car and motorcycle repairs and maintenance.

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What Type of Vehicles Does Motorweek Review?
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Motorweek evaluates two-wheel vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, in its segment called "Two Wheelin'," which is produced by Brian Robinson. In this section, Robinson reviews motorcycles and scooters released within the current year. These reviews look at bikes suitable for road riding, street racing and racing off road.

For automobiles, Motorweek also evaluates and compares cars and trucks produced within the current year. These evaluations consider over 150 models annually. After considering the lot, reviewers at Motorweek select one car for each class that stands out; these vehicles earn Motorweek's "Best of the Year" award, which is presented at the Chicago Auto Show.

To test cars, Motorweek employees use several criteria. They perform overall road tests, which involve test driving sedans, SUVs and trucks in all categories, ranging from economy to luxury imports. They also do comparison tests among similar vehicles and offer feedback from first impressions. The staff also looks at how cars, and especially trucks, hold out after passing the 30,000 mile mark.

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