What Type of Segments Do You See on "Home & Family?"?

What Type of Segments Do You See on "Home & Family?"?

"Home & Family" features a variety of how-to segments, focusing on topics such as do it yourself home improvements, recipes, bargain shopping and weight loss. Some projects seen on the show are available on HallmarkChannel.com, as of 2015.

To view how-to projects from the show, navigate to HallmarkChannel.com and click on Home & Family. On the next page, click How-To.

The How-To page has a Featured How-To's section and an All How-To's section. The site divides All How-To's into several categories, including Home Decor, Gift Ideas, Health, Kids and Beauty. In addition to projects, the How-To page also contains advice articles, such as the value of hospice care and foods to avoid for dogs.

Content on how-to pages varies, but project pages list the necessary materials for the project, a description, alternative methods and step-by-step instructions. A project's page also provides a video of that segment of the show.

Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare host "Home & Family." Most of the show takes place in the Hallmark Channel home, a fully functional house at Universal Studios. The show features experts from various fields, celebrity guests, everyday people and live performances. The show's guests provide information related to the topic of day. "Home & Family" also features questions and stories from viewers.