What Type of Questions Are Sent in for Ask Columns?


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Questions sent in to advice columns are sometimes asking etiquette questions, such as what to do when only one half of a couple is invited to a party. Another type of question sent to advice columns asks for lifestyle advice.

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What Type of Questions Are Sent in for Ask Columns?
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Judith Martin, who writes under the nom de plum Miss Manners, has a column that deals strictly with matters of manners and etiquette. She received a National Humanities Medal from the United State's President's office in recognition of her achievements as a columnist. She answers questions such as whether servers using an inclusive "we" is rude or if it's necessary to include a reason for not attending a wedding.

Lifestyle questions are very popular. Typically writers send in some dilemma they are facing, and the advice columnist attempts to help them solve the problem. For instance, Caroline Rules of Glo.com answers a question about whether pre-wedding jitters are normal or a sign the bride should call off the wedding. Answers to these types of question are not as straightforward as the etiquette questions, as there is no rule book.

Answers to lifestyle questions typically offer advice and different scenarios. For example, Caroline Rules suggests the bride evaluate her feelings and talk to her prospective groom before making a decision about the wedding.

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