What Type of Questions Are Included in a Written Driving Test?


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The questions on a written driving test usually cover laws, safety, the meaning of road signs and inspecting a vehicle, as of March 2015. Questions vary based on the state.

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Written driving tests are usually standardized, multiple choice tests and are taken either on computer or paper. Each state has its own minimum requirement for a passing score, typically 80 percent or higher. If a driver fails the written test, he has to wait a specific period of time before he retaking the test. There may be a fee to take the test and to retake it.

States typically provide a driver's manual that covers the information on the written test. States may also provide study guides and practice tests for additional assistance. Practice tests may be available at the local motor vehicle department or online on the department's website.

To retain information more effectively, a driver can associate what he reads in the driver's manual with real life situations to consider why things are done a certain way. For example, if the manual specifies which way to turn the tires when parked on a hill, he should consider why turning the tires that way is beneficial. Other types of information, such as the meaning of road signs, may require repetition to remember.

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