What Type of Programs Does Geo TV Have?

What Type of Programs Does Geo TV Have?

Geo TV is a Pakistani television channel that features entertainment programs such as serial dramas, musicals, movies and talk shows. As of 2015, the channel airs shows such as “Jannat,” “Mera Yahan Koi Nahin,” “The Nadia Khan Show,” “Ishqaway” and “Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai.” Some dramas on Geo TV include “Maryam,” “Dil Ishq,” “Saas Bahu” and “Kaanch Ki Gurya.”

The drama series “Duaa” tells the story of a young couple, Javeria and Ashar. Javeria is a young girl who belongs to a poor family but marries Ashar, who comes from an affluent, political family. Trouble starts when Ashar requests a divorce out of extreme anger but later regrets his decision.

"The Nadia Khan Show” is a morning talk show with Nadia Khan as the host. The show features celebrity interviews, audience interactions and gossip.

“Sada Sukhi Raho” is about the married lives of two sisters. The elder sister, as per her parents’ wishes, marries her rich cousin and leads a luxurious life that is devoid of love. The younger sister has a loving husband but finds herself in a poverty-stricken situation. However, their parents assume that their daughters are leading happily married lives.

An Urdu language satellite channel, Geo TV started in 2002. The network also features Geo News and the Geo Super sports channel.