What Type of Programming Can You Find on AmazingFacts TV?

What Type of Programming Can You Find on AmazingFacts TV?

Some shows on Amazing Facts TV include “Amazing Facts Presents,” “Sabbath School Study Hour,” “Everlasting Gospel” and “Amazing Adventures.” Amazing Facts also has a radio station that people can listen to online.

“Amazing Facts Presents” is Amazing Facts TV's flagship program. It's a 30-minute program that features Bible teaching from Pastor Doug Batchelor. The “Everlasting Gospel” is a show that also features sermons from Pastor Batchelor. It markets itself as a program that is perfect for Bible students.

The “Amazing Adventures” TV show is a Bible study program geared toward kids. The show covers different sections of the Bible in a way that is fun for kids to learn. This is a 10-part series full of music and lessons that encourage kids to learn more about the Bible.

Amazing Facts is an evangelistic ministry that places a lot of focus on the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14. This ministry got its start in 1965 as a radio program and later expanded into television programs that focus on prophecy, training, health and Bible study.

Joe Crews first started Amazing Facts in Baltimore, Maryland, after the show “The Rest of the Story,” for which Paul Harvey was the host, inspired him. The original goal of Amazing Facts was to reach out to Christian and non-Christian listeners every day via 15-minute programs.