What type of programming can you find on AmazingFacts TV?


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Some shows on Amazing Facts TV include ���Amazing Facts Presents,��� ���Sabbath School Study Hour,��� ���Everlasting Gospel��� and ���Amazing Adventures.��� Amazing Facts also has a radio station that people can listen to online.

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���Amazing Facts Presents��� is Amazing Facts TV's flagship program. It's a 30-minute program that features Bible teaching from Pastor Doug Batchelor. The ���Everlasting Gospel��� is a show that also features sermons from Pastor Batchelor. It markets itself as a program that is perfect for Bible students.

The ���Amazing Adventures��� TV show is a Bible study program geared toward kids. The show covers different sections of the Bible in a way that is fun for kids to learn. This is a 10-part series full of music and lessons that encourage kids to learn more about the Bible.

Amazing Facts is an evangelistic ministry that places a lot of focus on the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14. This ministry got its start in 1965 as a radio program and later expanded into television programs that focus on prophecy, training, health and Bible study.

Joe Crews first started Amazing Facts in Baltimore, Maryland, after the show ���The Rest of the Story,��� for which Paul Harvey was the host, inspired him. The original goal of Amazing Facts was to reach out to Christian and non-Christian listeners every day via 15-minute programs.

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