What Type of Music Can You Sing in Karaoke?

Karaoke can be performed to any type of music from around the world including pop, rock, hip hop, folk and country music. A karaoke track is one that has been edited to remove the lyrics or is a cover of the original song designed for karaoke.

Karaoke is a common bar and party activity in locations around the globe but especially in Asia and the United States. Karaoke events and parties may have a host or karaoke jockey who keeps track of participants and their upcoming songs. Participants begin by selecting a track that they would like to perform, usually a popular song that they have memorized the lyrics to, and signing up to perform it. The lyrics to the track are displayed on a monitor or television that is synced to, or an integrated part of, the karaoke machine system. The performer then does his best job at mimicking the original song or putting a spin on it, creating an original performance of his own.

Part of the fun of karaoke comes from the performers' not knowing all of the words to a song. When the performer begins to stumble and mix up words, those who are in the audience often laugh or sing along from their seats to help the performer along. In some cases, depending on the rules of the venue or event, audience members even jump up on stage and grab a microphone to assist a struggling performer.