What Type of Movies Are Found on YouTube?


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Three types of movies are found on YouTube: movies legally uploaded by content owners, movies illegally uploaded by users, and movies available to rent or purchase. All genres of movies can be found on YouTube, including action, horror, suspense, romance, comedy and more.

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The list of movies available on YouTube changes relatively frequently. Many of the movies uploaded legally by content owners are often older, or "B movies," typically lower budget films that often fall in the horror genre. Several documentaries have also been legally uploaded to YouTube.

Movies that are illegally uploaded to YouTube are often uploaded in segments and subsequently removed by YouTube at the request of copyright holders. These can range from older popular films to new releases that were bootlegged or illegally filmed inside a theater.

YouTube also makes many films available to rent or purchase. The YouTube catalog can be viewed at YouTube.com/user/movies. Rentals range in price, most often running between about $3 and $5 for a viewing within a 24-hour time period, as of 2015. Movies can also be purchased and downloaded, with prices typically ranging between about $13 and $18. YouTube users may have the most luck finding a movie they want to watch by renting directly from YouTube.

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