What Type of Items Sell Well at Craft Shows?


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Some items that sell well year-round at craft shows are jewelry, toys, aprons, home decorations and baby clothes. Some spring and summer items that sell well are hand-decorated flip flips, handmade spa or beauty items, birdhouses, plant pots and lightweight skirts, dresses, shorts or bathing suit cover-ups. Some fall and winter items are scarves, hats, boots, candles and scented decorations.

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If a person is planning to sell at a craft show, he should take into account the portability of the items. Ease of transport in the differing weather conditions and the size of the merchandise should be considered. A customers' ability to bring the craft home should be considered. Handmade shopping bags can be a good item to help customers carry their merchandise.

When deciding what to bring to a craft fair, a person can look for inspiration based on upcoming holidays and work to create themed crafts. For Easter, he could sell Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Some fall holiday items that sell well are trick-or-treating bags and costumes. For Christmas, tree skirts, ornaments and Christmas stockings can be sold.

The value of the time spent making the crafts should be considered when pricing them. The fact some customers may only have cash should be taken into account as well. It may be worth acquiring a credit card reader for a phone or tablet, so credit and debit cards can be taken at craft shows.

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