What Type of Information Is in the Prescott Daily Couirer?

What Type of Information Is in the Prescott Daily Couirer?

The Prescott Daily Courier provides news and information for those living in Yavapai County, Arizona. Cities covered include Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey and Humboldt. Sections include Latest News, Opinions, Sports, Business, Features, Milestones and Obituaries.

The Latest News section describes events and information pertaining to the local area, including freeway closures, local politics, local weather and people of note in the area. The Opinions section allows writers to express their opinions regarding politics and current events. This section also includes letters to the editor, where readers of the newspaper can contribute their thoughts about recently published articles.

The Sports section covers all kinds of sports on both the local and national level. The Business section discusses local and national issues, noteworthy businesspeople in the area and nationwide, and work related topics such as retirement. The Features section covers a wide variety of topics, including upcoming local events, health issues, educational opportunities, politics and local attractions.

Milestones allows readers to share information about special events in their lives, such as births, weddings, significant anniversaries and achievement awards. The Obituaries section allows family and friends to honor deceased loved ones.

Special Sections are short magazines that are included with the newspaper once a month and offer extended coverage of something related to that particular month. Examples include graduations in June and spring cleaning and gardening in April.