What Type of Information Is Included in Sports Illustrated Kids?

Sports Illustrated Kids provides kid-friendly information on sports and athletes as well as stories about kids and teenagers doing noteworthy things. As seen on its website, SIKids.com, the coverage tends to focus on American professional sports such as the NBA, NFL and MLB, but covers some international competitions too.

Articles in Sports Illustrated Kids are directed both at young fans interested in learning more about their favorite teams and at student athletes looking for inspiration. For example, cover stories are often profiles of professional or collegiate athletes, but usually touch on their childhood sports experience.

In addition to articles on football, basketball and baseball, other sports covered by the magazine include hockey and soccer, tennis and golf, and skateboarding, snowboarding and other extreme sports. During major international competitions such as the Olympics or the World Cup (men's and women's), the magazine follows the progress of American athletes.

From time to time, the magazine may offer information on new gear and technology, such as athletic shoes or a new virtual reality system. Sports Illustrated Kids also provides opportunities for "Kid Reporters" to submit and publish articles, ranging from game analysis to reviews of sports-themed books and movies. Each month, the magazine profiles three exceptional student athletes in its "SportsKids of the Month" column.