What Type of Information Can You Find in the CIA World Factbook?


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The Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook provides summarized information on the demographics, government, economy, geography, communications and military issues of each world entity recognized by the United States. As of 2015, the Factbook includes facts on 267 countries, dependencies and geographic entities.

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What Type of Information Can You Find in the CIA World Factbook?
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The World Factbook organizes the facts about each world entity in nine topics. Under the Geography topic, users may find information about the world entity's location, area and natural resources. The People and Society topic contains facts about population and health statistics. Under Government topics, the Factbook displays information of the administrative divisions and political parties, among others.

The Economy section includes facts such as the gross domestic product and the distribution of family income within each specific country. The Energy section contains information about electricity, oil and gas. The Communications topic gathers information about the usage of Internet, television and telephone. In the Transportation section, the Factbook contains information about airports, roads and marine transport. The book's Military section contains facts about military manpower and expenditures. Lastly, the section on Transnational Issues briefly addresses the disputes between that world entity and other entities, such as territorial disputes.

The CIA updates the World Factbook weekly. Its sources include different U.S. government entities, such as the Department of Defense and the Department of Labor, as well as other public and private sources.

The World Factbook is in the public domain, so people are free to modify and redistribute it without permission of the CIA.

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