What Type of Articles Appear in the "New Scientist" Science Magazine?


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New Scientist Magazine is an established weekly science and technology publication. The magazine is known around the world as a leader in detailed science and technology information with a community of readers that includes both scientists and average news readers alike. Popular topics include discoveries about nature, humans, space, physics and the most current technological advancements.

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New Scientist is a magazine that has been reporting on science and technology since 1956. According to New Scientist's own webpage, it has over a million readers weekly around the world, and it is a contender for one of the largest globally known science and technology publications with correspondents and editorial offices all over the globe. Many of the articles in the mainstream news that report on science and technology often get the source material from New Scientist since it takes an in-depth and ongoing look at various technologies and emerging scientific truths as they evolve.

The weekly wealth of new information is very comprehensive. Each week there are at least four feature length articles in the publication, and a news section of the magazine complements the features with shorter, highly detailed, updates or additions that cover the ongoing developments that often start as large features. There are also more standard magazine sections for editorials, book reviews, interviews and question and answer opportunities for the readers of the magazine.

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