What Are Some Tyler Perry Plays Featuring Madea?

What Are Some Tyler Perry Plays Featuring Madea?

"Madea on the Run," "Madea's Neighbors from Hell," and, "Madea's Family Reunion," and "Madea's Big Happy Family" are plays by Tyler Perry featuring Madea. They are comical stage plays that focus on the antics of an elderly African-American woman and include original music.

In "Madea on the Run," in order to escape from the police, Madea moves in with her friend Bam, who has just had a hip surgery. Unaware of Madea's issues, Bam happily accepts her help around the house and with her family.

"Madea's Neighbors from Hell" finds the title character in a battle, along with her friend Bam, against a new neighbor: a single woman and her foster children. Madea teaches the neighbors to love and forgive one another and become a true family. This play includes gospel music.

In "Madea's Class Reunion," Madea joins her class of 1953 in 2003 at a local hotel. Madea and her old classmate, Leroy Brown, reminisce about their high school schemes.

In "Madea's Family Reunion," Madea's sister Irene's death interrupts her granddaugher's wedding. The family decides to have a family reunion instead.

"Madea's Big Happy Family" presents Madea as the savior of a family in crisis. Miss Shirley, a single mother in her 50s diagnosed with cancer, receives guidance from Madea in dealing with family secrets and grudges. The elderly woman teaches them about love and saying goodbye.