Who Are Two Writers Who Have Written About Utopian Societies?

two-writers-written-utopian-societies Credit: Martin Harvey/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Thomas More wrote about utopian society in his 1516 work, "Utopia," as did H. G. Wells in his work, "A Modern Utopia," published in 1905. The term "utopia" was first used in the aforementioned work by More.

The earliest literary example of a utopia is in Plato's "The Republic," written around 380 B.C. Utopian writings often serve as a social or political commentary, highlighting the negative aspects of contemporary society by showing where systems could be different. Utopian fiction represents an idealized society, which the author deems possible only if current systems were to be stopped and completely revolutionized. The word "utopia" comes from the combination of the Greek root words "ou" and "topos," which literally translate as "no place."