What Are Some TV Shows That Netflix Offers?


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Some TV shows that Netflix offers include “Mad Men,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation” “Louie” and “Bob’s Burgers,” as of 2015. These popular shows are all available to stream for Netflix users.

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What Are Some TV Shows That Netflix Offers?

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AMC’s period drama “Mad Men” ranks as one of the most critically acclaimed shows in the network’s history. Focused on the world of New York advertising, the show explores the changing social mores during the turbulent 1960s in a decade-spanning narrative that includes many factual historical events.

One of the most respected science-fiction TV shows of all time, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” picks up 100 years after the original series, following the adventures of a new Starship Enterprise. Patrick Stewart stars as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who leads an ensemble cast through a staggering range of futuristic pitfalls, from time travel to diplomatic negotiations.

Comedian Louis C.K. plays a fictionalized version of himself in the offbeat, often surreal comedy series “Louie.” Ranging from vignettes to multi-episode arcs, the show depicts C.K.’s regularly unglamorous life as a divorced single father raising two daughters in New York City.

A spiritual successor to “The Simpsons,” the animated comedy “Bob’s Burgers” features the endearingly dysfunctional Belcher family and their adventures running the show’s titular hamburger restaurant. Family patriarch Bob, voiced by comedian H. Jon Benjamin, plays the straight man to his eccentric wife and kids, and the show offers a healthy mixture of zany comedy and genuinely tender moments.

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