What Are Some TV Shows About Gardens and Gardening?


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"The Victory Garden," "In the Garden with Bryce Lane" and "Garden Smart" are three shows which deal with gardening and horticulture in an exploratory and educational fashion, teaching viewers while showing them fantastical sights. The three shows cover a range of subjects from ornamental gardening to practical gardening and small-scale personal crop production.

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What Are Some TV Shows About Gardens and Gardening?
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"The Victory Garden" airs on PBS and other public local access channels. It places a heavy emphasis on gardening for use in home cooking and also deals with subjects like small-scale farming and sourcing food locally. The show has several hosts and moves through a large rotation of subjects in order to cover material related to gardening in addition to gardening itself.

"Garden Smart" is a home gardening primer and advanced educational tool. It is designed and written to function as a sort of advanced course in botanical care for gardening enthusiasts who want to take their own garden beyond the merely mundane and ornamental.

"In the Garden with Bryce Lane" is a quiet, pastoral television program wherein host Bryce Lane visits gardens and explains their workings to the viewers. He is often joined by the gardeners themselves who offer insights into the processes they use to help their gardens flourish and stand out.

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