What TV Shows Are on CBC for Kids?


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As of 2015, shows on CBC for kids include "Animal Mechanicals," "Arthur," "Busytown Mysteries" and "The Adventures of Napkin Man." Other options for children on the station include "Lunar Jim," "Pirates: Adventures in Art," and "Are We There Yet?" The children's programs "Monster Math Squad" and "JiggiJump" also air.

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"Busytown Mysteries" is a children's program inspired by author Richard Scary's writings. The show centers around the characters Lowly Worm and Huckle Cat as they try to solve mysteries in Busytown along with their friends, some of whom include Hilda Hippo and Sally Cat. During the show, the characters travel around in their Pickle Car and Apple Car while they analyze evidence to solve problems and complete tasks such as finding a monster on the loose.

Children can also tune into CBC to watch episodes of "Arthur," which chronicles the adventures of a young aardvark named Arthur Read. Arthur hangs out with his school friends, including his best friend Buster, a genius named Brain and a stuck-up girl named Francine. Arthur and his friends manage to get themselves into major trouble at times during their adventures.

"The Adventures of Napkin Man" serves as an inspirational show for young CBC viewers. The show is aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 5 and features a superhero named Napkin Man who helps preschoolers with their difficult feelings after their teacher draws him.

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