What Is the TV Show "Property Brothers" About?

What Is the TV Show "Property Brothers" About?

On the Canadian reality television series "Property Brothers," real-life twins Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples find, buy and transform slightly depreciated spaces into showy dream homes. The series debuted in 2011.

Each episode follows a typical format. Drew and Jonathan introduce a couple to a house that possesses everything on the couple's wish list and is over the couple's budget. The Scotts then show the couple several fixer-uppers, and the couple narrows the choices down to two.

The Scotts use state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery to simulate the appearance of the fixer-upper as it might appear after renovation. The brothers are real estate professionals; Drew primarily scouts and negotiates the prices of neglected houses, while Jonathan is a licensed contractor who renovates houses. Each transformation on the show requires approximately four to seven weeks. Renovations appear sped up owing to a condensed timeline and an accelerated renovation format.

The Scotts employ up to three teams per project within an actual budget that the couple stipulates. The show does not pay for the actual renovation but provides each guest couple with approximately $20,000 to $25,000 worth of furnishings.

Since 2011, "Property Brothers" has included guest couples and families from Ontario, British Columbia, Texas and Georgia. Westchester County, New York, is one location for the 2015 season.