Which TV Series Were Cancelled in 2014?


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Over a dozen TV series were canceled in 2014, including "Hostages," "Bad Teacher" and "The X Factor." "Revolution," "Dads" and "Almost Human" are also TV shows that did not make the cut that year.

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Which TV Series Were Cancelled in 2014?
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Dylan McDermott played a rogue FBI agent in the CBS series "Hostages." Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the dramatic show received too many mixed reviews for CBS to continue production. "Bad Teacher" is another CBS series that was canceled. The show was an adaptation of the popular movie starring Cameron Diaz. Viewers did not like the show as much as the hit movie, and it was canceled after only three episodes.

Fox decided to cancel Simon Cowell's reality competition show "The X Factor," since it never achieved the same success as "American Idol." Fox also cancelled production of "Dads," a Seth McFarlane live-action comedy. "Dads" received brutal reviews and was perhaps too wild for television. "Almost Human" is another Fox show that got put on the chopping block. The show was pulling in high numbers, similar to Kevin Bacon's "The Following." However, it was reported that financial disagreements within the Warner Bros. TV company were what led to the cancellation of the show.

The J.J. Abrams series "Revolution" was aired on NBC. "Revolution" was an apocalypse series that did not involve zombies, which was what NBC said it wanted. After just two seasons, network executives decided to cancel the show.

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