What TV Network Airs "Despierta America"?

Univision is the television network that airs "Despierta America." The show is geared at the American Hispanic population and is a Spanish-language competitor of the "Today" show and "Good Morning America."

Univision is a Spanish-language television network founded in 1962. Originally known as Spanish International Network, its programming includes news programs, talk shows and soap opera, or novelas, such as "Triunfo del Amor," "Lo Imperdonable" and "La Vecina," as of 2015.

As is typical of Spanish-language television networks, novelas change periodically, with new stories and casts introduced intermittently and older novelas proceeding to a finale over a period of several months.

In addition to original programming in Spanish, Univision also broadcasts newly conceived, Spanish-language versions of well-known English-language shows, such as "Sesame Street." "Sesame Amigos" premiered on Univision in 2015 and stars original "Sesame Street" characters, such as Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster.

"Despierta America," Univision's iconic morning news and entertainment show, follows a similar format to its English-language competitors. A team of hosts covers breaking news, interest stories and celebrities and conducts interviews with guests. The current team of hosts includes Ximena Cordoba, Ana Patricia Gonzalez, Johnny Lozada, Karla Rodriguez and Alan Tacher.

"Despierta America" has been on the air since 1997.