What Are Some TV Cooking Shows?


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There are many cooking shows on TV including "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox, "The Chew" on ABC and "Iron Chef America" on The Food Network. The Cooking Channel by The Food Network only shows cooking shows. Gordon Ramsay has made over $38 million dollars through his television shows, as of 2015.

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TV cooking shows range from instructional recipe shows like "The Rachael Ray Show" on CBS, to cut-throat competitive shows like "MasterChef" on Fox. The "Rachael Ray Show" gives viewers a step-by-step presentation of Rachael Ray's recipes and appeals to anyone wishing to learn the recipes. "MasterChef" pits everyday chefs against each other in an intense timed cooking competition and gathers an audience that loves dramatic tension in cooking shows.

TV chefs and cooking show hosts are famous celebrities and are very well paid. Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen and Rachael Ray are among the top-grossing TV chefs, as of July 2015.

Cooking shows are scripted shows and not reality television but some of the competitive shows have much in common with traditional reality TV. The use of relatively unknown chefs and the improvisational nature of the competitive cooking shows are typical reality TV elements. Reality television shows owe their popularity to fans easily identifying with the reality stars or contestants.

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