What Is "Tuesdays With Morrie"?


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"Tuesdays with Morrie" is a book written by Mitch Albom. The plot is about a relationship between the author, Mitch, and his old professor Morrie Schwartz.

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Mitch Albom writes about the relationship that he develops with Morrie, who is dying of ALS. Mitch visits Morrie every Tuesday and learns important lessons about life and how to live.

Morrie is a professor in his 60's when he finds out that he is dying. His former student, Mitch, comes into contact with him near the final days of Morrie's life. Each Tuesday is like a class session between Morrie and Mitch, where they discuss topics such as friendship, death and love, and after each session Morrie asks Mitch to return the following Tuesday. After 14 Tuesday sessions between the two of them, Morrie dies. Mitch's only regret when Morrie dies is that he didn't come in contact with his teacher sooner so they could spend more Tuesdays together.

Mitch Albom is an American journalist, author and musician born in 1958. His books, which include "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," "For One More Day" and "The First Phone Call from Heaven," have sold more than 35 million copies all over the world.

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