What are some trivia about "Tombstone" the movie?


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Some trivia about “Tombstone” the movie includes that the fifth cousin of Wyatt Earp, also named Wyatt Earp, plays Billy Claiborne, that the O.K. Corral gunfight is nearly historically accurate with only small changes made by the filmmakers, and that all mustaches and lightning in the movie are real, according to the film’s second director George P. Cosmatos.

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Another piece of trivia about the movie “Tombstone” is that the grave marker seen in the cemetery as the Earps enter Tombstone actually exists in Tombstone, Arizona. The grave marker reads “Here lies Lester Moore, Four Slugs from a .44, No Les No More.” A replica of this same tombstone and cemetery exists at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, in the “Wild West” area of the park.

Several unfortunate incidents are now trivia about the movie “Tombstone.” For example, Robert Mitchum fell off a horse and injured his back on the first day of shooting. The filmmakers eliminated his part, Old Man Clanton, from the film and he became the narrator for the beginning and end sequences of the movie. Another piece of trivia is that the filmmakers fired director Kevin Jarre, and actor Kurt Russell largely took over — even though George P. Cosmatos appears on the credits.

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