How Do You Trim a Window?

How Do You Trim a Window?

To trim a window, mark the length for each cut on the trim pieces. Check the spacing and fit before cutting, and put the miter in place. Install the trim on the other side, fit the remaining meters and ensure the lengths are all correct.

  1. Check your fit and spacing to cut the trim pieces

    Saw one end of the trim at a 45-degree angle, hanging it so that the short end hangs halfway over onto the window jamb, marking the other end right at the inner edge of the jamb. Nail the trim in place, using 1-inch brads at a 6-inch spacing. Nail the thick portion of the trim using 2-inch brads. Cut one end of the trim piece with a 45-degree miter, adjusting as necessary for a snug fit. Scribe the length of the cut 3/16 inch beyond the bottom of the jamb. Nail the trim again, first to the jamb and then into the framing.

  2. Pin and glue to secure the miter

    Pin and glue the miter from both sides, using 1-inch brads. Use a damp rag to wipe away any glue that squeezes out.

  3. Apply trim to the other side and miter along the bottom

    Repeats Steps 1 and 2 for the other side of the window. Start by fitting the miter at the top, and then mark and cut the one at the bottom, nailing into place with the same procedure: into the jamb with 1-inch brads and into the framing with 2-inch brads. Cut a piece of trim that is too long, and make a miter on one end, overlapping the other end to test the fit. Mark and cut the miter again as necessary. Fit the miter on the other end, and then glue and pin into place as in Step 2.